WATCH: Ewan McGregor Gets Transformed Twice In The Latest ‘Fargo’ S3 Teaser

Sweet merciful shit if you don’t already have this date circled in triplicate on your calendar, then it’s absolutely time to bust out the biggest sharpie you’ve got.
The wholly excellent ‘Fargo‘ is steamrolling towards its long-awaited third season, and if this new teaser spot is anything to judge by, the reason we’ve had to wait so long between seasons is because Ewan McGregor spent a combined 16 months sitting patiently in a makeup chair.
The series has generally kept its cards extremely close to the chest, barely revealing anything beyond a vague diner up until now. But today’s new teaser finally reveals a handful of characters that’ll feature throughout the third season, and beyond that, it’s got double the McGregor.
We know that Ewan would be doubling up by playing a pair of twins in the season, but what we weren’t expecting was for the characters to look so dang different.
The first of the two, Ray Stussy, puts McGregor in a pot-bellied parole officer who wouldn’t look out of place wandering onto a ‘Trailer Park Boys‘ set. The other, Emmit Stussy, looks like Matthew McConaughey starring in a Daniel Day Lewis biopic.

Our thoughts? Carrie Coon looks like she’s gonna slay this season, David Thewlis looks goddamned terrifying, and the Minnesota tundra looks as unforgiving as ever.

The series hits the airwaves from April 19th. MURDERS AND BONE-DRY LAUGHS ARE COMIN’, YO.

Source: FX/Twitter.