Some things just aren’t meant to happen. Great White sharks aren’t meant to penetrate so-called shark-proof diving cages, and if one of those bitey mofos does break in, the unlucky diver within certainly isn’t meant to survive. 

Welp, Ming Chen did somehow fend off a Great White under those exact circumstances, and video of the ordeal essentially redefines the concept of terror. 

In truth, Chen faced three of the all-time great fears at once – claustrophobia, drowning, and goddamn sharks – and lived to tell the tale to The Project. While 99.9% of the population would probably choose to see out the rest of their days in the foetal position afterwards, Chen’s interview proved beyond all doubt he simply DGAF.

When asked about his initial reaction to the massive oceanic death machine thrashing about on top of him, Chen said “we don’t have time to [be] afraid of it. We don’t have time to be frightened. Everything happened so suddenly.”

He said ten years of working as a diving instructor in his own right may have prepared him in some way. Just as well, ’cause he described pushing the beast away from him – and he revealed he didn’t even chuck a Mick Fanning by punching the thing:

“No punch – it’s a lovely animal, I don’t want to punch it.”

The incident happened in Mexican waters, so we’re confident in saying the bloke has serious cajones. Have a gander:

Source: The Project / Twitter.
Photo: Gabe And Garrett / YouTube.