WATCH: Chef Goes Frankenstein On Big Mac’s Ass, Turns It Into Sushi Roll

Sometimes, when you mix two good things together, you get a great thing. Other times, you just get regret. 
This is not one of those times, because there now exists a Big Mac© sushi roll and it’s a true masterpiece.
Masterminded by award-winning US sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada for his YouTube channel, the ‘McSushi‘ is basically a repurposed Big Mac, with the buns sliced in half and rewrapped around the original filling of beef, sad lettuce and secret sauce.
He takes a few creative liberties by adding fresh tomato and fries, and finished it off with a garnishing of delicate green leaves.
Don’t be too surprised if this ends up on the Maccas Create Your Taste menu. Desperate times…stranger things…etc.
For those who can be bothered trying this at home, here’s how to do it:
Step 1. Be hungover.
Step 2. Get yourself a Big Mac.
Step 3. Dismantle that fucker.
Step 4. Slice the bun in half and lay it all out on one of those ~bamboo~ sushi maker thingies.
Step 5. Add fresh tomatoes, fries, or leave plain. Season to taste.
Step 6. Roll it up.
Step 7. Chop it up.
Step 8. You have sushi. And also diabetes.
WATCH the full experiment below:
Via YouTube.