WATCH: Bill Shorten Redeemed His Democracy Sausage Fuck Up On ‘Studio 10’

There is no logical reason to be watching late morning variety television. None.
By 9:30am, you should be at work if you have a job. If you’re blissfully unemployed, you should still be in bed. And if you’re with child, kid’s TV should be in full swing.
There is no reasonable excuse why you should be watching shows like ‘Studio 10,’ so therefore this footage should be completely fresh and new to all of you.
The show, which ostensibly occupies broadcast space too early for ‘Ellen‘ reruns that Channel Ten couldn’t otherwise fill with ads, had Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on the show this morning, and things got incredibly weird incredibly quickly.
Harking back to arguably Bill Shorten’s greatest electoral mistake – eating a democracy sausage from the middle instead of the ends, almost as if he’d literally never eaten sausage nor bread before in his life – Shorten, along with show hosts Sarah Harris and the evergreen and wonderful Denise Drysdale, attempted to make sausages live on air.
As in, mix the meat, pack it into a grinder, and pipe it into sausage casing by themselves.
Which is all well and good, until you realise that the sausage casing – a half-transparent, mostly white, thin, skin-like sleeve – had to be dragged down over the sausage funnel, which I don’t think I need to tell you all is profoundly dick-shaped.
So if the thought of the leader of the opposition squeezing his meat while making winky eyes and overloading on the condom gags sounds like your idea of a good time, then boy are you ever in luck.
Ladies and gents, please enjoy the world’s most awkward threesome.

At least he redeemed himself with that solid end-of-the-roll bite right at the end, but fuck me sideways you couldn’t find a larger bread roll if you tried.
The bread:meat ratio. It’s all off.

Source: Studio 10/YouTube.