One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has responded to today’s horrific terror attack in London in the only way she knows how: by suggesting we exclude members of an entire minority from entering our country. 

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. She’s asking you to pray that her proposed ban on Muslim immigration eventually succeeds.

In a slapdash video, the wild-eyed senator cherrypicked a misrepresentative quote from London’s Muslim mayor – the same quote which landed Donald Trump Jr. in a world of shit earlier today – before imploring viewers not to “pray for London”, but to “pray for [a] Muslim ban.”

“That is how you solve the problem. Put a ban on it, then let’s deal with the issues here.”

With her trademark fear-mongering mewl, Hanson said ASIO and police “can’t keep their eye on everyone, and we’ve got real problems,” and that Islam itself is “an ideology that is going to eventually cause so much havoc on our streets, not only for ourselves, but for future generations.”

Underling / climate denier Malcolm Roberts has also piped up.

So, a small sub-set of our lawmakers are approaching the very serious and nuanced issue of religious extremism with even more frantic calls for short-sighted, black-and-white solutions.

Just fucking dandy. 

Source and photo: Pauline Hanson / Twitter.