WATCH: Adele Helped A Stoked Fan Propose To His BF At Her Melbs Show

For everyone who thinks that love is dead and nothing is good, please know that this will restore your faith in humanity, if even for a fleeting moment. 

Overnight the absolute powerhouse that is Adele played at Etihad Stadium, charging strongly on her bloody massive ‘Hello’ tour which has pretty much caused commuting chaos literally every stop along the way. 
Her shows have been a great source of feelings and quality banter, including her telling off seccos after they were instructing fans to stop dancing and sit back down (yeah okay, Fun Police).
In the midst of belting out The Hits™ Adele spotted one particular guy in the crowd just havin’ a big ol’ weep, and pulled him up onstage because y’know she’s Adele and she can just do that
The overwhelmed fan made a split second decision and grabbed his partner, who then proposed to him…onstage…at a record-selling packed-out Adele concert. Sorry Sharon from HR but this is a better proposal than yours, so sit down binch.
Check out Adele’s face in this clip of the proposal, and then telling the couple “that wasn’t planned – I had no idea that was happening.
Bloody corker of a way to finish up a huge run of shows, tbh.
Photo: YouTube.