We need to preface this by stating very clearly that we are very aware that there’s every chance this is a faked video. We’ve been bit by stuff like this before, so take it with however many grains of salt you want to.


Imagine it. You’re at a picnic; chilling out on the banks of a peaceful little river. Suddenly, a hawk appears. A full on bird-of-prey. Majestic creature. So strong and powerful.

The hawk starts circling the banks of the river near by. You are present to witness one of nature’s rarest sights: The circle of life in action. The graceful hunter, and its unknowing meal.

Only the hawk isn’t actually targeting whatever creature lurks in the grass. Instead, it’s tracking you. And it wants you to die in the absolute worst way possible.

Because nightmares weren’t easily conjured up enough as is, we now have footage of a goddamned hawk lobbing a full-length SNAKE¬†at an unassuming family somewhere in Melbourne.

Again, it might be a very well put-together mock up. But either way, we would like two express tickets on the Get Fucked Express running non-stop all the way to Nopetown, thank you very goddamned much.


Source: YouTube.