Eight people have been arrested and dozens of porta potties, street signs, shopfronts and policemen injured following a violent clash between The Long Arm Of The Law and Assorted Bros at Huntington Beach in California following the U.S. Open of Surfing on Sunday evening. 

As is bound to happen whenever so much concentrated youth gathers en masse, an alcohol-fulled fight between local Huntington Beach residents and blow-ins is thought to have provided a catalyst for the eventual riot, which then lasted some two hours. One witness, Kyle Calder, told KTLA, “It really started when a ketchup bottle came from the top story of a bar and exploded. Kid didn’t know what to do with it, threw it into the crowd.” 

“Couple more fights broke out. That’s when the cops came, and everything went mayhem from there.” 

Police eventually arrived in riot grrr, with one witness telling the LA Times, “I heard shots going off, and the whole crowd just started running”. 

Lieutenant John Domingo of the Huntington Beach Police described these shots as one of many “crowd management tactics and devices” used to quell the riot, including calling in police from neighbouring departments, rubber bullets, tear gas and chill vibes. 

Huntington Beach: proudly riot free since 1986 Sunday.

via The LA TimesKTLA