Prepare Thy Wrists Bc Vush Wants You To Maz For 14 Days In The Name Of Cumming First

masturbation challenge
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Aussie sexual wellness company Vush is encouraging you to cum first with its annual #ICOMEFIRST masturbation challenge. Only this year, they’re giving ya wrists a break by making it a 14 day challenge rather than a marathon month of maz.

Plus, Vush is launching the Self-Connection Kit alongside the challenge this year. The ‘I Come First 14 Day Challenge’ kit includes Vush’s best seller and fan favourite, the Empress 2, Self-Connection Cue Cards, Clean Queen (vibrator cleaner) and a 14 Day Challenge Calendar — and it’s literally $137 off RRP.

The Self-Connection Kit, $125 (usually $262)

See that little baddie? She could be all yours. Word on the street is that Empress 2 mimics the sensation of really good oral sex but without any strings attached. So you can sack your latest situationship!

Over 2,000 of you maz-loving humans participated in last year’s challenge, and 96% of yas claim to have felt an increase in motivation and self-confidence — and we love to fkn see it.

This year, couples are also encouraged to explore intimacy, be vulnerable and connect in a whole new way, so Vush has released its first ‘We Come First Couples Connection Kit‘ that features its cult favourite pleasure ring, Orb, the Curiosity Cues (50x cards to prompt conversations around sex and intimacy) and, of course, a digital copy of the 14-day Connection Challenge Calendar (couples edition). Sounds pleasure-filled!

Couples Connection Kit, $85 (usually $110)

Have a look at it, would ya?

All you have to do to participate in this year’s masturbation challenge is to sign up and nab yourself your preferred kit.