Our Pick Of What To Buy In The Massive Online Sales Happening Today

How gooooood is mid-season sale time! TBH I’ve never entirely understood what “mid-season” means. It sounds like it means middle of the actual season (der) but then the sales fall all over the place? Whatever, I guess this current sale mania could be more of an end-of-season thing, but I’m blabbering on. The point is – it’s sale time, babey. There’s the annual Vogue Online Shopping Night, plus numerous other brands just slashing prices for fun.

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Naturally all this sale mania can get overwhelming, so here’s a wrap of the stuff I’m throwing cash at today. Maybe it’ll help you decide what you *actually* need to buy versus “oh my god I absolutely must purchase this $560 holographic raincoat that’s down to $350”. But also, do that – holographic raincoats are necessities.


Fuckkkk guys I reckon I have 12 pairs of jeans I genuinely can’t part with. But the latest pair that I literally don’t have time to wash bc I need to wear them EVERY DAMN DAY are these Rollas flares. The dark denim is stretchy and comfy without looking like jeggings, the flare is perfect and most importantly the waist is high and fitted – super sexy.

I’m going to buy a second pair bc Rollas are doing 30% off everything, and I may splurge on the overalls version too. Elsewhere I’m after some epic straight leg jeans and Glassons have been good to me with their fits in the past and they’ve got 20% off. Also, GP‘s doing 25% off so I might get some denim from them, and Alice McCall‘s 20% off means I’m FINALLY gonna buy my mate Bree’s epic Quincy overalls that I cry over every time she wears them. The perfect 70s silhouette.

Basically I’m going to hit 20 pairs of jeans, I think.

Rollas Eastcoast Flare, $149.95
Rollas Eastcoast Flare Overall, $179.95
Alice McCall Quincy Overalls, $325
Levi’s at General Pants Ribcage Jeans, $149.95
Glassons Straight Leg Jean, $59.99


Something I want to get happening more with my style is that whole 90s strappy dress over a tee vibe. It’s not new – far from it – but I’ve just failed to find the right dresses and tees to work back together. So during the sales I think I’ll get a few. Revolve‘s doing 20% off for VOSN, so I’ll get this gorge Faithfull dress I’ve had my eye on, and Tuchuzy‘s doing 20% off for VOSN too – there’s a Chosen hot pink slip that’s too cute to pass up.

Elsewhere, BNKR is doing 30% off for VOSN and while this isn’t a t-shirt per se, their C/MEO Collective Assured top is going to layer up so cute under all those overalls I’m buying. Nasty Gal have 50% off EVERYTHING so I’ll get some 70s bullshit from them. And since Cotton On is doing free $20 e-gift cards for 48 hours, I’ll get some basic tops from them too.

Faithfull Dress, $277.06
Chosen Dress, $289
C/MEO COLLECTIVE Assured Top, $169.95
Cotton On Haze Top, $19.99


God, if I’m not in jeans I’m in a dress – and I have so many I can’t even count now. While I should probably KonMari them down to a few, the likelihood is I’ll just buy more. BUT – I will invest, not fast-fashion it. Auguste is one of my fave labels of all time and they’re doing a rare 25% off select styles, so I’ll get a dress from them since they’re just classic bohemian shapes. Shona Joy is doing 25% off their Autumn 19 collection and I’ve got a winter wedding to go to, so I might get a dress from there, too. And David Jones has 20% off new season, so I might see if they’ve got a nice fancy dress for winter events and things.

Auguste Jasmine Sunday Mini Dress, $165
Nasty Gal Back You Up Dress, $90
Shona Joy Ariana Dress, $295
Bec + Bridge At David Jones Visions Of Love Dress, $250


Look, I’ll be a nice girlfriend and troll the internet to find some stuff for my boyfriend, who a) is completely disinterested in fashion and b) has like four shirts with holes in them. Not purposeful holes. Glue Store is doing 25% off full price, so I’ll get him a Thrills shirt from there. Neuw have 30% off sitewide, and their denim is all time. And I’ll throw something in from General Pants, too.

Neuw Waits Denim Shirt, $129.95
Insight @ General Pants Bushwick Cord Shirt, $89.95
Thrills @ Glue Store Bowling Shirt, $89.95


Every year I destroy my boots (except my trusty R.M. Williams) but this winter I’m going to invest in high quality leather babies. I’ve had my eye on Sol Sana‘s range for a while, they’re doing 40% off a range of shoes so I’ll see what boots go down in price. Tony Bianco have 20% off everything and I loooove their boots, so I might get some cowboy ones from them. And The Iconic have 25% off until Thursday so will I FINALLY buy a pair of Dr Martens? I think yes. And I’ve coveted Alias Mae‘s square-toe Peri boots for ages, and since they’re doing 25% off, what better time to get them?

Dr Martens @ The Iconic 1460 Boots, $247
Tony Bianco Scout Boots, $269.95
Alias Mae Peri Boots, $249.95
Sol Sana Eddie III Boots, $269


I am obsessed with sleeping (who isn’t) and love having nice sheets, nice PJs, nice pillows. I need to get some new pillows (you really should replace them more often than you likely do) so I’ll be using the Koala 15% off everything discount to get some of their cult ones. I’m absolutely obsessed with Cotton On‘s Sleep Recovery material (it’s like some sort of bamboo thing, whatever it is it’s amazingly soft and comfy) so I’ll get another set of the pants and long-sleeve top from them. And Sheridan has 30-40% off heaps of styles, so I’ll grab some crisp white sheets.

Sheridan Nashe Quilt Cover Set, $269.95
Cotton On Sleep Recovery Top, $34.99 and Pant, $34.95
Koala Pillow, $150

Phew! Ok my credit card is going to be destroyed. All the VOSN discounts are listed on Vogue’s site here, by the way.