First they were sheepskin moon boots Aussie wore for comfort. Then they were the footwear du jour for grocery shopping celebrities circa 2000. Then they were disgusting. But now they’re cool again.

Ugg Boots, Australia’s most notable (read: disgusting) contribution to footwear and something so representative of our culture that a former Miss Universe Australia contestant wore a high heeled version of it as part of her national costume, may finally get its sartorial credibility back after a glowing endorsement in a non-ironic article titled The Secret’s Out: Confessions of Vogue’s Ugg Addicts 

In it, the magazine’s high profile staffers including Creative Director Grace Coddington and departing Contributing Editor Andre Leon Talley sing the shoe’s praises while also referencing decidedly non-Uggy things like embroidering them with customised Russian red monograms and feeling self-conscious about wearing them at Helmut Lang’s house.

“Once you put an Ugg on, it’s hard to go back to bespoke shoes,” Leon Talley says. “They are the best practical shoe—not
only because they can handle the slush on sidewalks and curbs while
keeping your feet warm, but they’re also easy to accessorize. I have
them in ebony, which I call my black tie, and bark brown, and they were
specially monogrammed for me in Russian red. I of course got carried
away and ordered them in triplicates. They’re lined up in my hallway by
color, and I rotate them on a daily basis.”

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Still not sure if serious.