4 Actual, Non-Insane Ways You Can Use Vodka In Your Beauty Routine

Fact: the last week has been a genuinely awful skin week for me. Between hormones and ridiculous food cravings, my skin’s been keeping receipts on the fuckery that’s been going down in my bod.

But when I was complaining to my boyf (who has great skin) about how none of my skincare prods seem to be working, he casually reveals he swipes some vodka on any acne and it goes away practically overnight.

Cue: My very own My Big Fat Greek Wedding experience:

One swift Google search later and yes, it turns out vodka is highly-regarded skincare and haircare hero.

Here are four actual, shit-you-not ways that vodka can revolutionise your beauty routine:

1. Vodka Is A Fab Toner For Acne-Prone Skin

Curious to try any popular beauty hack, I gave the vodka-as-toner trick a whirl. After cleansing, I dabbed a cotton wool ball into some vodka and swiped it across my face, concentrating on areas of congestion and avoiding the eye area, and whaddaya know? It worked a charm. While it didn’t clear up my skin overnight, after a few days my skin was noticeably clearer. I mean, it makes sense, as alcohol is great for drying out wounds and killing bacteria (which is why there are normally alcohol wipes in any first aid kit), but it was still shook.

[jwplayer R96KTr5m]

2. Vodka Can Also Remove Product Build Up And Give You Hair A Glossy Shine

Vodka is a super effective clarifying agent, removing product build up on your scalp and hair. The spirit’s low pH levels also means it’s great at closing the cuticle, boosting your hair’s natural shine, and stimulating the growth of healthy cuticles, creating added volume. But rather than pour a whole bottle over your head next time you’re in the shower, you can either mix a small amount into your shampoo, or simply rinse a cup-full through your strands post-conditioner. Warning: If you have coloured hair, avoid using vodka more than once a week on your strands to prevent dryness.

3. It’s Also A Pretty Effective Mouthwash

As gross as it might sound, swishing a shot of vodka around your mouth is a great way of freshening your breath. Vodka’s antibacterial properties kills the germs responsible for bad breath, giving a quick coffee-breath solution when you run out of mouthwash. Then spit it out or, if you’re feeling a little hardcore, knock it back – the choice is yours.

4. The Razor Cleaner You Didn’t Know You Needed

One of the reasons your razor heads start to look manky is due to a build up of bacteria and rust on the blades. Simply soak the heads in a small cup of vodka after each use to kill any germs to help extend the life of your razors. Genius, huh?