Everybody knows swimwear campaigns often look NOTHING like reality.

Soz, but bronzed nymph-like creatures elegantly prancing along the beach without so much as a wedgie or sunburn in sight just ain’t something that happens. That image, however, something we’ve all just come to reluctantly expect from this kind of ad, prompting calls for more diverse and inclusive representation across the industry.

Despite the existing status quo, though, every now and then we encounter a swimwear add so unrealistic, that it goes viral.

Beginning Boutique‘s latest promo has attracted an insane amount of engagement for this exact reason.

Just recently the Australian-based designer shared this picture on their Facebook page:

LONG WEEKEND VIBIN' ???? Red hot swim just dropped! Tap to shop the @9.0swim Haymen Bikini Tee Red & White $59.95 & Heron Bikini Bottoms Red & White $39.95!

Posted by Beginning Boutique on Thursday, 3 January 2019

In just a matter of days, the shot has gained over 135 THOUSAND comments and 31 thousand shares.

At it’s all because of the impossibly teeny bikini bottoms being advertised.

Aside from looking desperately uncomfortable, the internet is simply boggled by the logistics of how these pants even cover a vagina.

What ensued is a feed of gloriously relatable comments about the bikini from women across the country. Here are our favourites:

“I had a less intrusive smear test today.”

“I don’t even think this would be thick enough to use as floss for my teeth let alone to cover my vagine. I’d be out here looking like a poorly packed baguette.”

“Behind the scenes footage… [insert pic of sticky taped skin]”

“All the families and real people leaving the beach when Stacey ClamTrap slides out the side.”

“If you sat on the sand you would literally crumb ya flaps like chicken tenders.”

“Guys, she’s just holdin the flaps back to flapslap.”

“Apparently the entire comment section is like this [insert pic of ham]”

“Ladies, as we start our final descent, please make sure all inner labia are secure in their full upright and locked position, make sure your bikini is securely fastened, and all outer labia should be safely stowed underneath the bikini in front of you………”

“$8 at Kmart in pet section [insert pic of dog harness].”

In addition to the hilarious comments, this one legend even went so far as recreating the ad to emphasise just how unrealistic this picture is for practically every woman:

Ah internet, you’ve done it again.

Image: Beginning Boutique