Hi Everyone! Remember yesterday when we all reminisced about the #fashion, #glamour and #celebrities of the 2012 Melbourne Cup? Well today we step out from the luxury brand-financed marquees and into the seedy underbelly of the Race That Stops The Nation: The General Admissions lawn.

This video was filmed by a punter at this year’s Cup, and features everything that is bad about the binge-drinking social culture that’s synonymous with the races in Australia. The footage shows an extremely intoxicated woman who stumbles, falls, attempts to hit another woman, and is ultimately removed by security – all the while swearing voraciously. It also demonstrates the revolting behaviour of the punters observing the show, who continuously mock, insult and aggravate the woman (not to mention, film her).

The government should be seeking out footage like this because you would be hard-pressed to find a more effective cautionary PSA about binge-drinking at the races. And humanity.

Tip via Stuart Chater.