VS Angel Lais Ribeiro To Hoist The $2M Fantasy Bra On Her Nungas In 2017

The height of honour in the Victoria’s Secret Angel world (hell, pretty much in the fashion world, unless you’re some high-falutin’ chic model who doesn’t care for anything less than Gucci) is being bestowed the gift of wearing the Fantasy bra.

It’s always millions of bucks in ridiculous shit like diamonds and gold. It’s always completely unwearable off a catwalk. It always looks like it might break apart in five seconds. But goddamn, how many people can say they’ve worn $2M worth of diamonds on their nips.

For 2017, that honour goes to Brazilian model Lais Ribeiro – and good lord is she excited about it.

“I never cried so much in my entire life — and I have a baby,” Lais told PEOPLE. “It was so emotional. I couldn’t believe it when they told me. It was so beautiful.”

Like, crying seems a bit much there Lais but okay. You’re excited. I personally would be sweating bullets because given my track record I would absolutely lose at least four diamonds in some freak bra incident. But I’m happy for you.

On the other hand, would absolutely do this about 400 times over (this is probably how I would lose the diamonds actually):

It’s the correct response when wearing millions of bucks worth of bra. Speaking of, the ‘Champagne Nights‘ 2017 Fantasy bra is over 600 carats, and made up of handset diamonds, yellow sapphires and blue topaz. It took almost 350 hours to create, and has 6,000 gemstones on it in total.

If you wanna see this fucking artwork in action, Lais will be waltzing it down the VS runway on November 28th.