When you hear the term ‘stained glass art’ you almost immediately think of something religious. Mother Mary holding the newborn baby Jesus glowing above the chapel. A choir of angels spinning around those generic male saints who all look the same. Something of that quality, no?

Well, someone on Reddit has managed to make one of the most religious stained-glass arts that I’ve ever witnessed in my short time here on this dusty Earth. All hail the VB stained-glass, praise be unto its name.

User discodogs posted the miraculous piece of art into the r/Australia Reddit page with the caption ‘stained glass panel for a friend with cheap taste in beer.’ Nothing like a VB stained glass art at 20 to eight in the morning, get that up ya!

Discodogs (great name btw) has been posting stained glass artworks since just last weekend, and calls this VB classic their second addition to the collection. The first was just a simple sunset, which was also pretty impressive.

Have a peep at the VB cans for yourself, and marvel at its glory.

Immediately comments on Reddit jumped to questions around whether or not the mysterious discodogs would be selling the items.

Currently, it doesn’t look like you can get your hands on them just yet, as the windows are just passion projects for the time being.

Personally, I would love to get my hands on one of these windows as well so discodogs, if you’re reading this, whoever you are, please consider selling these amazing products!

Until then I guess the real VB will have to suffice. Cheers mates.

Image: Reddit / discodogs