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If there’s one thing that Vans does very well (apart from make comfy-ass sneakers), its picking some great brands and people to collaborate with. From Public Enemy to The Simpsons and even Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, there are some incredibly cool looking Vans variants out there.

The skatewear brand has recently unveiled its latest collab, which is based on Martin Handford‘s absolutely iconic series of puzzle books, Where’s Wally.

The line includes all of Vans’ classic sneakers, like its slip-ons, Authentics, Old Skools and the Sk8-Hi, but Wally-ified.

The slip-on Vans are printed with the Where’s Wally beach puzzle, so you can stare down at them and try to find Wally when you’re stuck on a particularly long bus ride.

There’s also a range of t-shirts and hoodies you can pick up. There’s even a Wizard Whitebeard cap, which is something I didn’t realise I direly needed until right now.

Most importantly, the line includes Wally’s iconic red and white striped shirt. Just find yourself a matching beanie, some thick-rimmed glasses and you can start casually bombing people’s photos.

Just ignore that the collab uses the name “Where’s Waldo“, which is what the series is known as in North America. Calling it that leaves a weird taste in my mouth, like when you drink orange juice after brushing your teeth.

It’s called Where’s Wally and anyone who disagrees shouldn’t be trusted.

Anyway, you can check out the Vans x Where’s Wally range below.

wheres wally vans Where’s Wally Vans Classic Slip-on, $139.99

wheres wally vans

Where’s Wally Odlaw Vans Sk8-Hi, $159.99

wheres wally vans

Where’s Wally Vans Old Skool, $149.99

Where’s Wally Vans Authentic, $139.99

Where’s Wally Jockey Hat, $49.99

Where’s Wally Stripe Pocket Shirt, $59.99

Where’s Wally Stamp T-shirt, $49.99

Image: Vans