Unleash Your Inner Ari Gold And See The ‘Entourage’ Movie In VIP Style

Produced in association with our mates at Nando’s.

The Entourage movie is almost upon us.

The thing is, though, movies are expensive as balls. By the time you factor in candy bar and all those essential elements, you may be close to some flavour of rage-based blackout at the thought of all the cash you’re about to drop:
The high-end VIP exclusive lifestyle is passing you by, while you’re here, paying for stuff like a chump. Guess what, though? Help is at hand. You don’t need to be a Drama or a Turtle; you’re about to get the respect you deserve.

We’ve teamed up with Nando’s to bring you a variety of PERi-Perks, wherein you scan your App each visit to unlock members-only benefits – borne on the wings of tear and share chicken – one of which could be free Gold Class tickets for the screening of the Entourage movie

ICYMI, here’s the trailer once again: 
Starring Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, Russell Wilson, Emily Ratajkowski, Liam Neeson, Pharrell, George Takei, Andrew Dice Clay, David Space, Warren Buffet, Armie Hammer, Tom Brady, Kelsey Grammer, Ed O’Neill, T.I. and Mark Wahlberg.
Screenings are in early June, and include drinks and snacks on arrival. Soon, this could be you:

For your chance to be at Gold Class screenings of some of the biggest blockbusters this year and win a bunch of other prizes, keep eating chicken, if you’re a member, or if not, all you need to do is get the Nando’s App from – you guessed it! – the App store. It’s so simple, even Lloyd could do it.

As for everything else, you can check out the PERi-Perks website for all other vital details.