A year and a half after Justin Bieber released his redemptive Purpose album, we’ve finally figured out what its title refers to. No, it’s not about discovering himself about an entertainer, or even as a man – his purpose is to make veritable fucktonnes of money. 

We know this, ’cause the muso has just revealed he’ll be flinging a couple of pop-up merch stores to coincide with his sure-to-be boonta Melbourne and Sydney stadium gigs. A fold-out table manned by a black-shirted bloke named Glenn don’t cut it for Biebs, oh no.

The first will be enclosed within the veritable hype-cave that is Sneakerboy Melbourne, located at 1/265 Little Bourke Street. It’s a tight space in there, so even if you’re not keen to cop yourself some certified Canadian popstar ~ fire ~, it’ll be worth scoping out to gawp at the overflowing crowds. That one will be active tomorrow from 9am – 9pm; Saturday March 11 from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday March 12 11am – 7pm. 

It’s a similar story in Sydney. Get ready to camp out at 3 Temperance Lane in the CBD before the pop-up opens Wednesday March 15 9am – 7pm, Thursday March 16 10am – 9pm; and Friday March 17 10am – 6.30pm.

Alternatively, just nick Glenn’s old school Metallica clobber. Nobody will be able to tell the difference.

Source: Justin Bieber / Twitter.
Photo: Justin Bieber / Instagram.