Sweden‘s public broadcaster, SVT, has reported that a bag of undetonated explosives were discovered inside the truck used in an attack on a Stockholm shopping street on Friday afternoon

The explosives comprised a homemade bomb that failed to detonate properly. 

Police spokesman Mats Eriksson told CNN that it’s likely that Swedish police have apprehended the driver of the truck, which was hijacked as it was making a beer delivery. 

“It is likely that it is the driver of the van that has been arrested. This however does not exclude the possibility of there being more arrests that will follow.”

The Daily Mail has reported that two men have been arrested in connection with the attack so far. According to SVT, the driver suffered burns caused by the failed bomb. 

Four people died during the truck attack. Nine others, including a child, are currently being treated in hospital. 

The Stockholm attack is the latest in a series of incidents in which vehicles have been used as weapons of terror, including the London attack at Westminster in March, the Berlin attack in December last year, and the attack in Nice on Bastille Day 2016. 

Source: CNN.

Photo: Instagram / @news_see_.