UGG Australia Teams Up With Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an American hero, the type of strong-jawed protagonist a drunk screenwriter might concoct if they had three hours to pen a children’s film called “Pursuing Your Dreams Is Easy”. Except of course, Tom Brady is real. Aside from his marriage to super model Giselle Bundchen, Brady’s list of things you’ll never achieve/experience includes three super bowl rings as the Quarter Back of a team called The Patriots. People make Tom Brady desktop wallpapers with words like “dynasty” and “champion” emblazoned across saturated photos of him throwing touchdown passes. Dude’s pretty much an all American hero.

Ugg Australia are purveyors of sheepskin boots that are as comfortable as they are offensive to the senses. Like Crocs and those weird lycra shoes with the individual toes – these sheepskin germ receptacles confirm my theory that footwear comfort is directly proportional to the likelihood you’re a serial killer.

In a totally incongruous announcement made yesterday, Decker Outdoor Corp, Ugg Australia’s American-based parent company, have announced that Tom Brady will be Ugg Australia’s first ever male ambassador. Said Decker Outdoor Corp CEO, Angel Martinez: “This partnership marks a new season for UGG Australia, and Tom Brady is the ideal first endorser for the brand…He embodies the stylish casual attitude that is at the foundation of every product we make, and is as much a style icon off the field as he is a playmaker on it.” While I’m saddened that an Australian wasn’t enlisted to sell Ugg Boots to Americans, I’m glad that Tom Brady is now less than perfect.