Two Schoolies In Hospital After Suffering King Hits

Deep into the first week of the most wonderful time of year, where the goon flows, where bitter, YOLO-justified failings of ye who get Swimming Pools-level drank are broadcast unashamedly to the internet; where handfuls get arrested; where famous toolies tool like they’ve never tool’d before, unfortunate news has come from Dickhead HQ  The Gold Coast, where two teens and schoolie-loving bros are recovering in hospital after suffering king hits. 

On friday night, according to, a male teen was hit to the head and fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood following an attack by three men. The incident follows on the heels of a similar attack on Thursday night, where a 17 year old was king hit to the concrete by a group of males – allegedly without provocation. The 17 year old was induced in a coma at the Gold Coast University Hospital; he has since awoken and remains in recovery. Another Australian, Matt Scarff, was also king hit this week, during a (non-schoolies related) visit to Bali. 

The unfortunate incidents of king hits on the Gold Coast this week come not long after the high-profile case of the death of the 18 year old Sydney man, Thomas Kelly, who died late last year after being king hit in King’s Cross. The verdict on the Thomas Kelly case, sentencing 19 year old Keiran Loveridge to a maximum of six years in prison for the manslaughter of Thomas Kelly, has recently caused widespread controversy over the laws relating to “one punch” crimes, with protests over the verdict being held aiming to denounce the blurry legal definitions of “murder” and “manslaughter” when implicated in cases involving a king hit. 

Schoolies bros, take care of each other and just don’t be that guy during the Sickest Time Of Your Life. 


Title image by Sergio Dionisio via Getty.