With former First Puppies Sunny and Bo “Bobama” Obama being replaced by an altogether different kind of dog in the White House, the world has been waiting for another good, presidential little canine.

Now, we can finally take a breath, friends, because Twitter has found us a new dog to obsess over.

His name is Lennu, he is the Finnish First Puppy, and he is the cutest, strangest little munchkin we have ever seen.

A five-year old Boston terrier, Lennu went viral in his home nation during a holiday gift ceremony for President Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio in December, where he went fucking wild for local Finnish products such as ham and fish.

But as this (unfortunately unembeddable) video shows, he didn’t bat a fucking lid at the vegan chew-bone some sweet Finnish person put in the gift basket especially for the little punk.

Like with so many things, it’s taken Australia/America a few extra months to catch up, with New York City’s Kelly Weill’s tweet kicking off the internet’s newest craze.

But when we finally get there, we go hard, folks. 

Seriously, Australian Twitter would eat this dog up given half the chance. This is not the last you have heard of this dog, I will tell you that for free.

Finally, please enjoy this photo of the President of Finland, for what is presumably a very good reason, shoving his face into sweet, confused little Lennu’s side.

Source: YLE / Twitter.

Photo: Instagram / Sauli Niinistö.