Twi’lek Chic, Y’all: How Star Wars Has Influenced The Threads We Sport

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. . . . 


The COVERGIRL alliance recognised the plethora of female Star Wars fans begging for a makeup range that would aid in the recreation of their favourite galactic looks. Their cries were echoed by modern, fashion forward women looking for products more fierce than an angered Tuscan Raider. So, to answer these calls, they created the Limited Edition COVERGIRL Star Wars Makeup Collection

To celebrate the range, Pedestrian teamed up with COVERGIRL and Disney to curate what was easily be the most incredible event of 2015. Check out what went down HERE.

Star Wars has become just as big a part of ~pop culture~ as we have (humble brag lel) so it’s only natural for the brand to have a heavy influence on farshun. It was for that reason we asked our pals, Romance Was Born, to whip up a little something-something for the fabulous soiree we’re throwing. 

It’s not just RWB getting around the iconic films; The Force Awakens has brought some large names in the clothing industry out of the woodwork and into the tractor-beam of beauty. We’ve pulled together some Star Wars inspired collections to show you just how influential the franchise is. 
Adidas Originals x Kanye West YEEZY
Kanye’s collection isn’t overtly tied to Star Wars but there sure are nuances of it. Like, if the below isn’t Tatooine-fishy-realness, than who knows what the hell is. 
There’s a strong resemblance between both outfits in terms of colour, cut and skin-tightness. Who would’ve thought Yeezy would be sorting the female population with desert/galactic battle-ware? It’s very battle-of-Geonosis ~chic~.
You can’t deny the similarities between the dude on the right and Qui-Gon Jinn, and the girl on the left looks like she’s decked out in this season’s hottest-of-hot Sith uniform. 
Perhaps the Yeezy collection was a subtle nod to the Star Wars franchise, but we’ve got our doubts that Mr Grumpy Bum would ever admit. 
Kanye, y u always so angry 4?   
Edeline Lee FW 2015
It seems as though London-based Edeline Lee has done a bit of a ‘eyyyy, Star Wars, what’s cracka-lackin?’ with a piece in her Fall/Winter collection.
Via Edeline Lee.
That outfit is UNDENIABLY a homage to le stormtrooper. Not too shabby, Edeline. Not too shabby indeed.  
Her Universe Holiday Apparel 
Unlike the other examples given above, Her Universe has gone balls to the wall with their Star Wars legitimacy. 
Via Her Universe. 
This look is inspired by the ominous asthmatic villain, Darth Vader. We’re not ones to breathe loudly but this ensemble is leaving us a lil’ short of breath (sorry, had to be done – don’t judge pls). 
Via Her Universe. 

The above outfit pays its dues to Bobba Fett and does a decent job of capturing his ~essence~. What’s not to love about a Bobba-Bomber?!
You can see more of Her Universe’s collection HERE.  
As mentioned earlier, we hosted a killer party with Star Wars and COVERGIRL which, unfortunately, has come and gone. SORRY :(. 
Not to toot our own horn, it was pretty incredible – check out the frivolities of the evening HERE. BTW, if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens then you’re really missing out. Avoid srs FOMO and go see it, frands.
Lead image via Edeline Lee.