Turns Out SA Really Is Taking A Punt On A Fuck-Off Huge Battery System

There’s been a whole lot of fuss about South Australia’s beleaguered power system, stemming from a series of huge blackouts which plunged the state into darkness over the past few months. We’re sure locals would comment that yes, it is a bit of an issue – if their computers could stay on long enough to type out a response. 

Somehow, Premier Jay Weatherill has managed to keep his on for long enough to publish the state’s brand new strategy for amending their electricity woes, and it certainly hints at taking Tesla boss Elon Musk’s bet that his company could install a massive battery farm within one hundred days of a contract being signed. 

According to Our Energy Plan, the state will invest $150 million of an assigned $550 million into a fund which will support “projects that make renewable energy available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to power the state when it is needed.” 

The very first endeavour to receive some of that cash will be a huge battery project, billed as the biggest in the nation, which should grant SA “100 megawatts of storage.” That’s an identical figure to the one Musk signed up for. 

There’s no confirmation as to which private sector firm or public entity will be responsible for the project, but look, all of the relevant parties – including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – have discussed the issue of battery storage within the past few days. Plus, Musk had a word about the prospect just the other day.

Also included in the state’s energy plan: the green light for a new gas power plant for use in emergencies, and initiatives which will encourage gas exploration in the state. That’s certainly at odds with the clean, green system many had hoped for, but the government states it’ll be quite handy during emergencies. 

As always (well, as for the past week), this is moving very quickly, so watch this space to see if the state’s plan really does involve big, fancy Tesla boxes in the middle of nowhere.

Source: The Advertiser / ourenergyplan.sa.gov.au.
Photo: @dot_03 / Instagram.