Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull isn’t exactly the most popular man in the country rn; citizens and politicians alike are criticising his ‘lack of backbone’ while dealing with an extremely volatile US President Donald Trump on a call about the refugee deal worked out with the Obama government. 

But if you wanted to see him grow a damn spine, then how does this strike ya: him telling a bunch of entitled pollies that he is completely axing their Gold Pass, which is their post-retirement lifetime ticket to free business class travel. 

Turnbull Pulls Plug On Pollies’ Juicy Entitlement To Free Flights Fo’ Life

The move comes after Health Minister Sussan Ley was found to be flying on taxpayer money for personal reasons (gurl needed 2 buy hella houses), and was consequently relegated to the backbench.

According to The Australian, the Gold Pass has cost taxpayers $17.2 million since 2001. It was created in 1918 in order to provide MPs with rail travel, but in more recent times, it became unaccounted for and essentially uncapped, for ex-MPs and their partners. 

The rules of the entitlement changed a bunch over time, but currently, you’re required to serve 20 years as a backbencher or 6 years as a minister/parliamentary office-holder in order to get those sweet, sweet free business class snacks and tiny bottles of wine fo’ life. 

Until now, of course. Turnbull‘s announced he’s axing it rather than ‘phasing it out’, the latter being the far more likely scenario. 

The perk will still be available to former Prime Ministers, but Turnbull (AKA the enormous bloody millionaire) has confirmed that he will not use it. 

Turnbull has promised to reform the hell outta the parliamentary expenses system, and actually implementing recommendations from the review last year.

This is every previously-qualifying MP who’s close to retirement rn:

Turnbull Pulls Plug On Pollies’ Juicy Entitlement To Free Flights Fo’ Life

Source: The Australian.

Photo Stefan Postles / Getty.