Turn Your Torso Into A Painterly Work Of Art With Bassike’s New Jonathan Zawada Collaboration

LA-based Australian artist, graphic designer, maker of mystical headscarves and Associate Professor in Fashion Related Mathematics, Jonatahan Zawada, has teamed up with quality Sydney-based sportswear label bassike to create an exuberant series of print focused shirts and sweaters inspired by doodles he made on his smartphone. Yep. Even when he’s on the toilet he’s being an artist. 

Zawada explains of the project: “For the past couple of years I have been creating small-scale doodles on my phone with a simple drawing app. I wanted to explore how some of these rough compositions could be evolved further and translated back into a non-digital format. I wanted this season of prints to feel like they were part of the ongoing narrative of work I’ve created with bassike.” 
To achieve the painterly effect the Australian design wizard used a mixture of hand drawn and digital techniques, because “I’ve always been interested in the space between digital and analogue and this work is precisely that mix.” 
See here for further proof of that.   
bassike by Jonathan Zawada arrives in bassike stores and selected stockists in February.