While we might not have teleporters, flying cars or the technology from ‘Minority Report‘ that lets you see crimes before they happen, shit is getting pretty fucking wild. They might not seem immediately obvious, but we’re making huge advances in making robots get better at recognising different kinds of objects.
As we discovered with Google‘s DeepDream and its horny spin-off, once you’ve trained an algorithm to identify something, you can use that algorithm in reverse to generate pictures of that thing.
Not sure what that means? Who cares! You can draw a really bad line drawing of a cat and get a horrifying ‘The Thing‘-esque terror. Here’s one of their relatively normal examples:
Here’s one of my shitty cat drawings (it’s hard with a touchpad, shut up):
And here are some nightmares:
What a time to be alive. If you want to have a fuck around (of course you do), you an find it here, alongside some tools for doing the same with shoes, handbags and apartment buildings, right bloody here.
Source and photo: Christopher Hesse.