Trust Fun! Glory Scarfs

Glory Scarfs may lack the thrill of Glory Holes or indeed glory in general, but “glory” won’t keep your neck warm at night and glory holes just reek of desperation (among other things). So when it comes to glorious objects we’ll take Trust Fun’s technicoloured dream scarves any day.

In their latest endeavor, the Trust Fun! trio (Shane Sakkeus, Annie Wright-Zawada and Jonathon Zawada) strike an other worldly balance between futuristic printmaking and archaic form, a formula which has seen the scarves sell out everywhere. Check them out via Trust Fun!

We recently caught up with Jonathon Zawada who shed some light on the scarves intricate design process: ‘They are all digitally printed and each one is a completely unique design. They’re made through a fractal program that we spend quite a bit of time with, shuffling around numbers in order to end up with something appealing. It really is extremely similar to doing tie-dye in terms of the creative process just on the computer.’

Wow. Fractals? Number shuffling? That’s some deep shit JZ. The scarves have also found success internationally which took the trio somewhat by surprise: ‘We developed them last year and we took them overseas when we met with Pop earlier in the year just on the off chance we might find somebody who liked them. We lucked out and Liberty ordered a truckload from us which they have since sold out of and have already ordered a second batch for the same season which we’ve just finished designing and are going into production now’.