Trump’s Top Law Official Refuses To Quit After Being Caught In A Fib

Doanld Trump‘s top law official – Attorney General Jeff Sessions – has had a pretty shithouse 24 hours.

It was revealed yesterday that during Trump’s presidential campaign, Sessions spoke twice with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. That’s one thing, and obviously fires people up at a time when questions fly about the connections between Trump’s administration and the Russian government.
But the big issue is that he said otherwise in his testimony to Congress while being confirmed as attorney general. There are a lot of slippery words and interpretations and semantics being thrown around but the fact is simple – if he lied, that means he lied under oath, and that’s the sort of thing that ends your political career pretty fuckin’ quickly.
Sessions held a press conference today in the midst of a storm of demands from both Democrats and some Republicans that he resign from his role.

Long and short of his conference? Nope, he’s not resigning. He denies lying to Congress, and in a somewhat rambling defence assured the assembled press that the conversations with the Russian ambassador were rote and innocuous, and that he did not lie to Congress about their nature. They occurred in the context of many conversations with many different international representatives.
However, he did announce he will recuse himself from investigations of the connection between the Trump campaign and Russia – something he probably should have stepped away from before, given that he was a pretty large part of the campaign, especially at the beginning.

Democrats are still demanding he resign. We’ll keep you posted.
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Getty Images.