Trump Revealed His New Supreme Court Judge Reality TV Style, Obviously

If there’s one thing to be said about Donald Trump, it’s that fourteen seasons of The Apprentice has given him a certain appreciation for the power of reality television. As such, he picked his Supreme Court appointee out of two candidates in a live broadcast. The new justice is Neil Gorsuch.

It’s not known if the two candidates actually knew which of them was the final pick to replace Antonin Scalia, who died last year. Presumably two dignified federal judges were very excited to be subjected to a reality TV style reveal in which one of them is symbolically fired.
Check the live vid here:
He even pumped it up like a wrestling promoter. Yes, the American people were constitutionally bound to be ready to rumble on this:
The two candidates before the final selection were Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman. As you might expect, it was a bit of a Alien Vs Predator whoever-wins-we-lose kind of scenario: they’re both solidly conservative judges who more often than not advocate for conservative readings of the law. 
Gorsuch is generally very pro-life, and Hardiman has in the past made judgements that a number of progressives might find a teeny bit challenging – like finding that filming cops at a traffic stop ain’t covered by the First Amendment. That said, Gorsuch has been described as a stickler for the law who is unlikely to be a Trump puppet.
Trump said in the past his pick would be a pro-life justice. Scalia actually died toward the end of Obama’s term, meaning Obama technically had the right to install a new judge, but Republicans blocked his move to confirm Merrick Garland on the grounds that the new president should pick the new judge. 
Also, Trump’s teleprompter scooped him before the announcement. Sad!

Welp, there it is. Trump’s biggest mark on the country will likely be that he will be able to install at least one or two more Supreme Court Justices in his time – which will shift the court’s axis to the conservative side. Exciting… right?
Photo: The Apprentice