Triangl’s New Bikinis Are Coming To Literally Every Beach Near You

NEWS OF THE CENTURY ALERT: Triangl has released two new designs. We know, we know, we couldn’t believe it either.

It’s kinda a big deal that the ubiquitous swimwear company has actually added to it’s collection, because thus far it’s consisted of about four* designs that are *literally* everywhere, from Brighton to Bondi. This writer owns one. (Ed’s note: so does this editor.

*Okay it’s 12, but that’s not a lot for a label that’s been around since 2012.

Beach strolls with @danibonnor wearing Penny Wanderlust WWW.TRIANGL.COM

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^^^^^^ est. 2012. 

So recognisable is a Triangl bikini that they inspire a sort of ‘us and them’ tribe, kinda like when two dudes driving a utes give each other the nod as they pass, that says ‘you and me, mate – we’re the same’. That’s not always a good thing. 

But hey, it works – the company is worth a bonkers $36 million to founders Craig Ellis and Erin Deering

And now, to the bikinis you’ll be seeing on literally every bod this summer….

Introducing: GIGI & PIPER, in red, white, and blue.

~ ~ ~ GIGI ~ ~ ~ 

~ ~ ~ PIPER ~ ~ ~ 

If you wanna shop, go HERE, but if you wanna get down to bizness and learn how CEO Erin Deering became stupid successful, go HERE.

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