TOPSHOP Want To Shower You With Champagne & Gift Cards To Celebrate Spring Racing

This coming week, to celebrate the most sacred of all horse related seasons, the top humans at TOPSHOP are hosting some exclusive Spring Racing events that you can score an RSVP to.

They’ll be in-store in Sydney’s (Topshop, George St) on Wednesday the 24th September and land in Melbourne (Topshop Chapel St) on the 25th of September with the events themselves running from 7pm to 9pm. Both will feature special guests Kate Waterhouse (Sydney) and Nadia Bartel (Melbourne) with activities to include: 

. Spring Racing Trends and Tips

. Complimentary Style Consultations

. Workshops to make your own floral headpiece

. Champagne and the obligatory sweet treats.

If you have any interest at all in champagne, cute clothes and free things – which, realistically, you do because OF COURSE YOU DO – get in quick and >RSVP HERE<  


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