Topshop + Incu Sydney Progress Report

Seven days have elapsed since Topshop first landed in Australia and as far as we can tell, no one has died as a result. Now that might sound a tad hyperbolic but from the preppy streets of New York City to fashion forward Tokyo, the High Street giant has a knack for inciting retail hysteria wherever it goes.

Don’t expect death by stiletto stampede in Sydney but be prepared to throw some (polite) elbows and battle crowds, especially on weekends. To aid the hapless shoppers among us, Pedestrian caught up with the Incu team and discussed Summertime wardrobe recommendations, hot sellers and how Sydneysiders have responded to Topshop’s affordable wares thus far.

What’s the initial reaction to Topshop been like in Sydney? It has been amazing and we could not be any happier with how it’s going. Customers are so excited about seeing Topshop in Australia and they have definitely shown that through their purchases!

Have you guys encountered any crazy Topshop fans yet? We’ve met quite a few that turned up early on our opening day. There’s also been a lot of interstate customers so we’ve tried to make sure their trip was worthwhile.

What have been your hottest items? What’s been flying off the racks? All the sequins pieces have done well with the ladies and anything with stripes! Guys, we’ve sold a lot of shirts and suits since they are so affordable.

Coming in to Summer what would you recommend from the various ranges? We have lots of fun leotards, pair them with an oversized shirt and you are on your way!

How have Incu accommodated for the influx of people into the store? We’ve tried to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Its not easy when there’s so many crazy shoppers in the store but we’ve provided pastries from Bourke Street Bakery, Spakle Cupcakes, Balloons for the kiddies and hopefully great music to tap your feet to while you wait for the changerooms!