Top 6 Creative Vine Heroes And Their Brilliant 6 Second Short Films

With Australia’s short film sanctuary and haven of fleeting narratives told on screen, Tropfest, being held tomorrow in Sydney and also showing in capital cities across Australia, it seems only the most fitting time to source deeper inspiration for-  and to celebrate even more wildly – the unique and criminally underrated storytelling form: the short film. 

While Tropfest annually rewards the expert purveyors of storytelling done in seven minutes or less, it’s interesting to see what other creative bounties the culture of typically brief attention spans among millennials has bestowed upon us. And so before feeling the pangs of missed opportunity (usually associated with the words “Tavi Gevinson”) in seeing the notoriously extraordinary Tropfest Junior films – let alone the adult category – allow the following list of six second creative heroes killing it on Twitter’s video sharing app Vine serve you a dose of attainable inspiration for your creative pursuits. 

Starting us off is legendary Vine user Koah, wizard of stop motion, master of handcrafted paper works of art and dude who just wants you to have a good day. 

Next up is Charlie Love, Vine user with a unique ability to loop his videos endlessly. Pls send help. Cannot stop looking at this beautifully hypnotic thing, is this real life, etc. 

Here’s the work of Vine artist @origiful, From turning cities into playgrounds to playing human Pong.

Dylan Blau just straight up won Vine. All natural, non-CGI, non-magic animation made from paper.

Incredible artist Pinot takes cues from Escher. 

Yves Das needs to be mentioned because his feed is populated with the curious adventures of dudes on precious lil vespas. Bless.

And though he may not inspire you to make a short film, one simply cannot mention Vine without praising the happiest man alive and French Vine legend, Jerome Jarre.