Look, I’ll be the first to admit it. I made some errors of judgment in some of my earlier articles about this season of ‘Married At First Sight‘. I was quick to praise Andrew, who is pretty hot and also seemed a million times better than Cheryl‘s former pretend husband, Jonathan, whose whole deal can be summed up in two words: “Trump supporter“.

It turns out, however, that he might be a bit of a dick. Obviously, you have to take into account that these shows are very artfully edited, the cast are heavily plied with alcohol for the dinner parties, and I assume production staff are just offscreen prodding them with tasers until they fight each other – but still, if the words he said are anything to go off, he’s not all that nice of a bloke. 

Cheryl and Andrew have had a pretty rough go of it since deciding to eke out a new couple from the ashes of their former pretend marriages. The group were slow to accept them as a couple and Cheryl and Andrew seemed to want to take things at different speeds, frustrating to Andrew to no end. 

This culminated in Andrew (childman) hitting the turps with the boys and spilling his guts about all the things he doesn’t like about Cheryl, even claiming that, if given the choice, he’d go straight back to Lauren, his original wife. At the time, the rest of the men seemed to see all of this as a delightful laugh, except for country gentlemen Simon and Sean, who appeared to be the only people in the room with a modicum of respect. Sean, who couldn’t in good conscience let that shit stand, took it straight to Cheryl.

All of this culminated in tonight’s dinner party. 

As always, the dinner party was used for the wine-fuelled airing of grievances, and when Cheryl made it clear she was uncomfortable with Andrew ignoring her to talk about the celebrities he would fuck, he arced up, immediately whipping out a bizarre and quite rude impression of her.

The boys, seeing someone a woman get wrongfully attacked for quite accurate assertions about Andrew’s character, decided they couldn’t stand idly by while an injustice happened – so they lied to protect Andrew.

Anthony and Nick jumped right in to insist that nothing went down during the now infamous “boy’s night”, which seems like a bizarre strategy for a show where every single moment of their lives is caught on film.

Sean, bloody hero that he is, leapt to the rescue, though, essentially telling the rest of them that they were full of shit:

And Simon, beautiful Simon, jumped to his defence when the boys tried to make out like he too was lying:

Reckon maybe all the guys except Simon and Sean were acting like huge dickheads? The internet agrees:

This is going to be a fun thing for them to explain when they get off the show.

Source and photo: Channel 9.