Tom Fraud

So Tom Ford’s gay right?! Well maybe… who knows? His latest ‘For Men’ ads are getting everyone’s knickers in a twist, a la the ‘Opium’ perfume from when he ran the show at YSL (altered version above), with the queen of powdering noses starring centre stage. The new fragrance for his own line shows in one instance an image of an oiled up nude lower half of a female holding the pefume with red claws in front of her nether regions- next to Tom’s chest being stoked by the same hand (below). Something that has been keeping me guessing at least…

But some prankster might have just come up with a mock version of Tom ‘ex-Gucci’ Ford’s site and bring us all back down to Earth. Some might say with a bit of a crash, bang and a whallop too.

The original and the new.

All this publicity, and is anyone even wondering what this stuff smells like?

Image by Carl Court via Getty.