Today Tonight Goes Beyond Rock Bottom, Takes ‘Adelaide Party Girls’ To L.A In Cringey Report

How To Pulverize Any Semblance of Journalism You Never Had:

1. Run out of ideas; film a story on a bunch of vacuous humans who like to go out at night in Adelaide

2. Take note of how well Step 1 went (read: everyone hated it), capitalize on the brief virality and take the Adelaide Party Girls To L.A for no reason whatsoever

3. R.I.P values.

A few weeks ago we shared Today Tonight Adelaide’s nauseating report on the (now infamous) Adelaide Party Girls, much to your collective is-this-real-life delight, and now the girls whose names don’t need remembering have been taken to L.A because Today Tonight doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore. You can watch the horrific 8 minutes below. Note the VO where a reporter asks, “Who better to take on La La Land?”, referring to the Adelaide lasses. Literally anybody else in the entire world, Today Tonight, that’s who. Geez.