It’s a croc yarn of a different kind tonight, folks – no man-eatersbeach-ruiners or playground-crashers this time; just the sweetest, smollest, smiliest little krokodil all caught in a net.


Tiny Babby Crocodile Scooped Out Of QLD Family’s Pool And Into Our Hearts

The baby freshie was discovered at (I shit you not) an Alligator Creek property, southeast of Townsville in north Queensland. Rhys Brimeslow discovered the wee snapper when he went to scoop out some leaves from the family pool. Littlefoot was sitting on the bottom.

Brimeslow told the Townsville Bulletin:

I had to double take because initially it just looked like a strange lizard. It was quite poised under the water but it looked like it was ready to launch. I walked around the pool a couple of times and it was happily watching me.

The Brimeslows scooped the 30cm reptile out with the pool net. Apparently, he would have had to climb a 150 metre embankment from Alligator Creek behind the family home, and then brave a dash through the garden and under a fence to get to the swimming pool. Some crocs just have a taste for the finer things, I guess. 

All holidays must come to an end, though, and Schnappi (Das Kleine Krokodil) was safely returned to the creek from whence he came, having taught humanity once and for all the universality of cute baby animals, even the ones who want to eat us. We love you, Schnappi. 

Source and image: Townsville Bulletin