Coincidence? A US Woman Alleged Shein Pinched Her Noggin For A Dress Design & We Are Shook

Shein has been accused of putting a womans face on a dress design

A US woman has taken to TikTok to allege that she had her likeness copy/pasted by notorious fast fashion retailer Shein. So could this creator have a legitimate case? Let’s investigate.

Tami, who also goes by @sterk_acres has now uploaded multiple videos addressing the topic.


Y’all this is wild – ummmm 😅 is that my fave or am I trippin!? #myface #shein #wow #lookalike

♬ original sound – Tami Elizabeth

“Y’all I’m so shook,” she begins in the initial video.

“I had a follower send me a picture from Shein of a dress. And I swear to God it’s my fucking face.

“Now I personally do not order from Shein but oh my God. That is my face. My profile, my glasses, my hair.

“Did somebody take a picture of me and make a fucking dress?”


Regardless of whether it’s true or not, could you imagine seeing an item of clothing that ~so~ closely resembled your noggin appear on a global fashion website?

Nightmare fuel to say the least.

Unlike Tami, the comments section didn’t seem so sure, with many voicing their disagreement.

“It’s just a girl with short blue hair and glasses which is kind of common,” one user wrote.

“I wonder how many ppl in the world look like that picture on the dress,” chimed in a second.

“This looks like a friend of mine, plus it’s a look I’ve seen a fair amount. It could be anyone,” said a third.

Brutal, lol.

The following day, Tami uploaded another video which featured her hitting the exact same pose as the Shein dress design.


What in the retrograde is this 🙃 not what I was expecting in 2023. #wtf #shein @shein_official #greenscreen #lookalike #popularyourgoingtobepopular #popular #bluehair #curlyhair

♬ Popular – From “Wicked” Original Broadway Cast Recording/2003 – Kristin Chenoweth

The commenters in this second video were a lot more agreeable with Tami.

One of the top replies read “Lawsuit!!”, with another writing “absolutely beautiful. How do we get you paid?”.

Now, we’re not here to pass judgement but this is one heck of a coincidence. Especially for a brand with such a controversial reputation.

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