You Can Now Have Breakfast At Tiffany’s In Their New York Flagship Store

Anyone who’s made the trek to New York and loves classic Hollywood has picked up a croissant and stood outside the famous 5th Avenue Tiffany & Co flagship store to take an Audrey Hepburn pic.

Well, the jewellery giant has taken your penchant for brekkie at their iconic store, and given you that and then some. Yep, you can now have a sit-down breakfast inside Tiffany & Co.

The Blue Box Cafe is of course themed toward their signature eggshell-blue shade, and will feature a seasonal menu that’s quintessentially New York. Lunch is a flat $50AUD, with a starter and a main included – pretty decent price IMO, while brekkie is $37AUD and comes with a coffee and croissant (der), plus a choice of truffled eggs, avo toast, or a smoked salmon bagel.

For lunch, there’s a “Fifth Avenue Salad” with lobster and avocado, and the “C.L.T” sandwich, which stands for Charles Lewis Tiffany and is – you guessed it – chicken, lettuce and tomato.

There’s also a glazed Tiffany box cake you can get, if you want to be that extra.

But we’re really here for the interiors, aren’t we. The plates are dipped in blue glaze and are original to the cafe, the walls are amazonite or painted Tiffany blue, and there are mini Tiffany window displays set into them.

It’s all very adorable and very geared to our Instagram generation – this is a space that’s designed to be shared on social media. It’s set on their fourth floor – which also houses the new homewares collection.

“Design of the space began from the idea of immersion in Tiffany—not only the feeling of being inside a blue box, but surrounded by Tiffany hospitality,” Vice-President Creative Director Richard Moore told Vanity Fair.

The cafe opens today in the States, so clear your holiday diary, amirite?