Considering what happened last time, we could be forgiven for feeling a little leery of electing reality TV stars to the our highest political offices. But put aside your misgivings for a moment, and imagine this: Louis Theroux as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
More than 3000 Brits have signed an online petition, set up by a website called Kombini, to instate Theroux as the next British Prime Minister. The timing is good, too, considering that current PM Theresa May has just called an election that will likely decide whether the UK after Brexit sinks or floats. 
And who better to steer this vessel into the weirdest of end times than the calm, soft-spoken, endlessly tolerant Louis.
Titled “Make Louis Theroux prime minister because the political class is failing“, the petition calls our gentle documentarian “one of the most understanding, smart and trusted men in the UK, [who] (probably) has more skills to work out what is best for post-Brexit Britain than May, Farage and Corbyn combined.
Considering that his next three documentaries are confirmed to be about American life under the Giant Cheeto himself – maybe TV stars as global leaders isn’t such a bad idea?

Source: NME.
Image: BBC.