This ‘Women’s Empowerment Weekend’ Is The Best Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

Pedestrian’s stoked to help spread New Balance’s latest campaign message which celebrates women coming together to go further. You see, when women come together there’s a collective strength amongst them (exactly like Charlie’s Angels – them kicking-butt feels). They support each other. They challenge each other. They achieve greatness together. Whilst it’s possible to reach your peak individually – you’re awesome, duh – it’s easier (not to mention more enjoyable) to do it when you feel inspired and motivated by your biggest fans, your girlfriends.

To execute this concept, we’ve devised a guide to help you organise a Women’s Empowerment Weekend with your friends and colleagues. 




We know how strong women are own their own, but when they rally together – well, that’s a whole different story. 
With the help of New Balance and full-time wonderful person, Rachael Finch, we’ve devised an avenue for women to come together to go further. 
“I think it’s becoming more prominent nowadays, people are choosing to do these sorts of holidays,” says Rachael. 
“There’s a certain spark that exists between women, especially when they’re in a sort of empowering, inspiring environment. It’s one thing when girls come together to just chill out and talk gossip, but when they’re coming together to help each other – and to go further and to improve themselves – there’s that little tingling sensation that happens.” 

“It’s incredible. I think it’s very empowering and I think it’s incredibly necessary.”
Rachael, you beautiful and incredible woman, we couldn’t agree more. 
The purpose of the Women’s Empowerment Weekend is for a group of gals to get away from the hustle and bustle to use their collective brain-power to help each other go further with their careers, life, health and relationships. 
So, where should this shindig go down? 
“Places that have a little snippet of everything,” suggests Rachael. 
“Anywhere in any capital city in Australia would provide something pretty phenomenal. I think that’s the beauty of our country – you can go anywhere and have bits and pieces of everything.”
For Rachael, ideal destinations are ones with minimal traffic, such as: the Gold Coast, Jarvis Bay, the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay and the Hunter Valley. With that being said, your weekend retreat can pretty much take place anywhere. The objective of the location is to remove distractions so that y’all can work on yourself. 
Once you’ve picked a location, it’s time to decide on a group.
Invite women who share a mutual want to benefit each other. In both sexes, there’s plenty of people who are hell-bent on bringing you down, so kindly inform naysayers that their invite was lost in the mail. 
Now that you’ve locked down a solid squad and booked a place to stay, here are some activities that’ll help you grow, rejuvenate, relax and get ahead. 

En route to your destination, have everyone write down their expectations for the weekend, as well as their goals. 
What do you hope to achieve? What are some things that you need help with? 
Use the journey to really think on your objectives whilst enjoying a bit of banter with the gals.
While the weekend away is designed to empower and increase overall productivity, it’s still a retreat at the end of the day. Take things nice and slow – there’s no need to rush. Unpack your things, take a breather and get ready for your day. 
Once everyone’s settled, get together.  
Brief everyone on your expectations and goals. Go around, one by one without interruption, and actively listen to who’s speaking. 
Jot down what they’re saying – this weekend their problems are your problems, and vice versa. Reassure everyone that the space is a safe place. Nothing is too taboo for discussion and nothing will be repeated once the weekend is over. 
Being the AMAZING writers that we are, we know the value of always having a pen and paper near by. Try and keep a small notebook with you when possible – you never know when inspiration will strike and you’ll think of a solution to either your problems, or someone else’s. 
There’s no better way to get the ideas flowing than a bit of exercise.
Take into account everyone’s abilities. Maybe half of you are super fit, while the others aren’t so much. If you’re near the coast, go for a walk along the beach. Attend a yoga class or mix it up with dance lessons. 
Rachael says that you should gauge how the group is feeling and decide. She recommends pilates and circuit training as some other options. 
“You’re all in this amazing thought capacity and brain space.” 
After you exercise, embrace your clarity of thinking and start tackling how each member of the retreat can go further. 
Break off into pairs and dedicate at least thirty minutes each to addressing each others goals. The main thing you’ll accomplish by doing this will be perspective.
Too often we just need someone else to look at a challenge in a different light. The solution then seems to find itself.
Then, one by one, go around and share what solutions (if you found any – it’s fine if you didn’t) you’ve come up with in your pairs. Spend a couple of minutes further adding to these solutions. 
We all feel terrible about ourselves at times, it’s only natural. This exercise is designed to remedy that. 
Everyone draws a group members name out of a hat by random. 
You’re given ten minutes to write a speech about the person whose name you drew. Focus on what makes that person special and use examples where possible.
The key to this exercise is presenting it as if you were that person – as if you were in her shoes
Rather than just telling them they’re incredible, you’re showing them. The message sinks in more because of this. 
Sometime we just need to be reminded how fantastic we are. By doing this, you’ll really touch the person you’re talking about and reinvigorate their confidence.
“You need to break it up with normal-ish stuff,” says Rachael. 
It’s a holiday after all. For the love of God, get some R&R.  
Make some popcorn and watch a movie. Get a massage (Rachael’s #1 recommendation). Get in the kitchen and cook. Meditate outside and soak up some sun. Or, engage in our favourite pastime, drankin’.
Whatever it may be, choose something that’s going to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 
“It’s about ticking off all levels of your life with good sleep, laughing everyday, feeling good in your career, having a sense of spirituality – not meaning you have to be religious, it might just be a bit of private meditation.”
Ladies, the options are endless. Cater the weekend to work for you and your guests – it doesn’t really matter how it’s executed as long as the focus remains on coming together to go further. 
Trust us, by the end of it you’ll be feeling all like: