One of the strangest privileges of our relatively comfortable, safe lives is that we are completely free to do things with the express purpose of scaring the fuck out of ourselves. Horror movies? Rollercoasters? Going in one of those shark tanks? We’re so bored that we deliberately try and make ourselves feel terror.
For instance: if you are scared of heights, why not make yourself shit your pants in a pool by getting in a pool with a glass bottom that peaks a cheeky 152 metres above ground level?
While that might sound like an actual nightmare, it’s something being offered at Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas to people who enjoy mixing a pleasant swim with fear that makes your genitals retract all the way up inside your chest.
The pool is located on the 40th floor, which is roughly 39 floors above where a glass bottom pool should be. That tiny blue rectangle at the top? That’s the pool:
Doesn’t look that bad? Cop a look at the reverse, much more terrifying, view:
Yeah, fuck that actually.
Source and photo: Facebook.