This $58K Watch Is Hiding A Single Drop Of The World’s Oldest Whiskey

Do you love watches? Do you love whiskey? WHAT A DAY FOR YOU, because there now exists a ridiculously-luxe timepiece that combines both.
Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet has teamed up with Wealth Solutions, a Polish company that specialises in luxury collectibles, to add a single drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862 – the oldest whisky in the world, for the non-connoisseurs among us – into a glass chamber specially-built for just 50 watches.

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The Whiskey Watch will set you back about AUD$58,000, if you opt for the red-gold version, or AUD$22,000 if steel is more your vibe.

If this limited-edition timepiece is giving you an obnoxious boner, we hate to chime in with logic, but here’s some anyway: you can buy an entire bottle of Glenlivet 1862 for about AUD$9,000 (if you can find it on the internet) and a Swatch for about $75, so why not empower yourself to tell the time *and* enjoy more than one drop of v. expensive moonshine?
If you’re flipping us the bird for that suggestion, it might interest you to know the Whisky Watch will be available from April 8.
Source: Scotch Whiskey.
Photo: Louis Moinet.