The White House Phone Sheet Called Turnbull “President Of Australia”

Negging, if you weren’t aware, is some creepy shit that pickup artists like to do, and it’s a process that involves insulting somebody in order to subtly undermine their confidence and gain their approval. 
Based on the last few days of diplomatic relations, it seems as if White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is trying this move out on Australia, and negging us like we’re some hottie he just met in a bar. 
It’s either that, or he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. Both seem plausible at this point. 
Overnight, NBC editor Bradd Jaffy got his hands on a copy of a White House call sheet, listing Donald Trump‘s calls to world leaders, and noticed something off about the entry for Malcolm Turnbull.  

Last weekend, Turnbull and Trump shared an infamously tense conversation, during which the US president allegedly threw a tantrum while discussing the current refugee swap deal, and terminated the call. 
The call sheet made no mention of our Prime Minister, however, in-between calls to the President of France and the King of Saudi Arabia, it did contain a listing for a hitherto unknown world leader called the President of Australia.  
Adding insult to injury, Malcolm Turnbull was only identifiable by this incorrect title, as he was the only person on the list not to actually be named. 
That said, Spicer has been referring to the Prime Minister as ‘Trumble’ or some variation of that for the last couple of days, and at one point confused him with Joe Hockey, so yeah, maybe it was better to just go without names. 
It’s unclear whether anyone in the current White House has read the United States Constitution, but at least one person there seems to have read The Game by Neil Strauss
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty.