The Tupac Biopic Quits Stalling, Is Actually Happening

Way back in 2010 we got pretty excited on hearing the news of a Tupac Shakur biopic in the works. Three long years later, the anticipated biopic seemed to snowball in to a standstill; a legal battle in 2011 between Tupac’s mother and Morgan Creek Productions stalled the project indefinitely. Things weren’t looking up.

However, today we reflect on a shimmering beacon of hope at the speculative project, as the film has been rejuvenated via a handy funding boost and production partnership with Emmett/Furla films. 
Associated Press reports that, no, for real this time, the biopic will launch in to production in Atalanta in 2014. Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur will act as one of the producers on the film, but there is currently no word on the film’s director or lead actor, though we hear there’s a pretty convincing hologram out there who may be up for it. Let’s relax in to blissful ignorance at the news, and ignore the nagging suspicion that tells us that this ‘progress’ may be as much of a folly as the last. Don’t let the potential for a familiar landslide ruin this. 
Via AP.