The Top Cooking Classes In Oz That’ll Straight Up Make You A Masterchef

Once, cooking classes were a boring thing you gave your mum for Mother’s Day – they generally involved people teaching you to make flans or scones or something equally old school (nothing against flans or scones though, gimme). But since the arrival of top rating cooking shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, the game has completely changed. Now, every man and his dog wants a lesson in how to create homemade pappardelle or lobster mornay. 

Hitting a cooking class can be equal parts fun and educational. You’re cooking – therefore you get to eat at the end, always a good time – and you’re bound to come away with at least some level of understanding so you can take those new skills into your own culinary world. Here are our current faves ’round Oz.
Image: Gelato Messina.
Yes, your favourite gelato shop, home of the most unique flavour creations in Oz, has it’s own gelato making classes. They’re offered in both Syd and Melbs, and there’s both an appreciation class to, well, eat heaps of gelato in, or a hands-on one where you actually learn to make the stuff. 
Image: Sydney Seafood School.

An oldie but a goodie, Sydney Seafood School sees over 10,000 budding home chefs roll through it’s doors to get the lowdown on scallops, mussels and all that under the sea stuff. The classes change monthly, and range from mini mentor sesh’s with top chef’s like Nathan Sasi and Mark Best, to style-based classes like their ever-popular Seafood BBQ. 
Set in the absolutely beaut Barossa Valley, Casa Carboni is renowned for their Italian cooking school. This is mainly because Matteo Carboni, owner and chef, hails from Emilia Romagna and is one of Oz’s top Italian food talents. Most classes run on Saturdays, so why not take a long weekend and learn to make your own pasta, then eat your body weight in it. 
Image: The Agrarian Kitchen.
Into sustainability and farm-to-table style cooking? The Agrarian Kitchen is your jam. The classes are pricey, but the location and expertise is all time. You’ll actually forage for your ingredients on their beautiful Tassie acreage, then learn to cook with them. 
Image: Spirit House.
If you want to master your laksa or take your 15 minute stir fry from a 6 to a solid 9/10, combine your next hol with your culinary learnings and visit Spirit House. It’s set in the tropical Sunshine Coast Hinterland, and offers a range of classes from Thai curry lessons to simple after-work meals. 
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