The Top 5 Tattoo Joints In The World

New Zealand born and Sydney based artist Aidan Mckenzie, better known by his moniker Sprinkles, makes illustrative, detailed work full of characters and impressive depth that translate beautifully to his profession as a tattoo legend. And who better than a pro inksmith to deliver tips on the hottest spots around the globe to get inked? Sprinkles gives you his guide to the world’s best spots to score a piece that’ll make your body a walking work of art. Start saving them dollars…

These five places, and particularly the artists housed within them, provide my daily inspiration. They are all super creative, have awesome line and colour work and great shading, plain and simple. If someone gave me all the money in the world and free reign I’m going to these five spots.

1. Barracuda Tattoo Studio – Sevilla, Spain
For the best graffiti influenced tattoo
Street C/ MONTE TABOR Nº6 – LOCAL B-, Sevilla, Spain 41007
Phone +34 607 47 21 25
Web Facebook.

2. Yellowblaze Tattoo Studio – Yokohama , Japan
Considered to be one of the best Japanese art studios in the world
Street Zip: 231-0868 SAZA Bld. 6F, 1-15-6, Ishikawa-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Japan.
Phone + +81 (0) 45 662 7807

Epic stuff by Yellowblaze artist Shige:

3. Off The Map Tattoo – Grants Pass, Oregon, USA

Particularly for Jeff Gogue. Gogue is known for his “super, super, super smooth, vibrant colour work”, impeccable shading and large scale pieces. A true “all-rounder”.
Street 214 NW 6th St Grants Pass Oregon 97526
Phone (541) 244-1141

Jeff Gogue arm piece:

4. Black Garden Tattoo – London
Known for their neo-traditional and traditional tattoo work. Very clean, bold colour and strong lines.
Street 183 Drury Lane, WC2B 5QF – London UK
Phone (0044) 20 7430 0144

Tiger piece by Black Garden artist Tutti Serra:

5. Greggletron – Portland, Oregon, USA
Greggletron work makes me think “art” rather than simply “tattoo”. He uses soft/ pastel colours and flowing forms.
Web (appointments by email)

Beautiful Greggletron fox character:

Illustrations, photographs and video installation of tattoos designed and inked by Sprinkles will feature at Handmade by Little Creatures at aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo. Opening Friday 25 October at 6pm.

Sprinkles at work:

Main photo by Jeremy Shaw: