The Selby Snares Book Deal

From things Caucasians enjoy to LOL at this bearded shit stain the blog-to-book-deal trend continues its slow march toward ubiquity with the announcement of a forthcoming coffee table book from voyeuristic interiors blogger Todd Selby.

If you’ve yet to see Todd’s blog, it’s the source of all our crib envy – a candid peak inside the homes, apartments and work studios of the world’s most creative people. In short it’s a more relatable version of “Cribs”. No Escalades, indoor Basketball courts or rotating heart shaped beds. Just people who know how to utilize space and fill it with enviable toys, shoes, records, gear, artwork and…coffee table books.

Yep circle of life kids – we’re betting that The Selby coffee table book will adorn the sculptural Swedish furniture of people who wish their apartments were featured on The Selby. Question: Is “My apartment was on the Selby” the new “I was snapped by The Sartorialist”?

Here’s what Todd had to say when we pressed him for more details: “Yeah it’s a new big 275 page book. I can tell you more close to the launch. Its not out till May.”